Welcome to Secular-Parenting!


Thank you for visiting our blog! Raising kids without religion in a world that is still very religious can be difficult. The goal of Secular-Parenting  is to give parents who want to raise their children free from the dogma of religion a place to communicate and share with like-minded people from all over the world!

Some people may be very open about being a secular parent, while others may be struggling to share their views with family, friends, or society for fear that they would not be accepted.. Our hope is that the forum will allow everyone to share their thoughts on raising secular children, and all the aspects of a secular life. By moving away from social media, we hope to give you the freedom to share your secular views without having to worry about who can see what you are saying.

We’d like to have a team of people who are especially invested in the secular life share their thoughts on a larger platform to encourage deeper discussion and a wider reach via the blog.

Since this is a community, if you have ideas for how something could be better (changing forum topics, settings, etc) or would like to help out in any of the areas (guest blogger, web design, etc) please contact us on any of our social media outlets!

Thank you again for joining us!