Happy National Day of Reason!

The National Day of Reason, celebrated annually on the first Thursday of May, was established in 2003 by the American Humanist Association and the Washington Area Secular Humanists. The holiday was started as a way to oppose the National Day of Prayer as the holiday is unconstitutional and discriminates against those who don’t worship the same as those who celebrate it. A national holiday that doesn’t celebrate an entire nation? That doesn’t seem fair.


However, The National Day of Reason serves as part of an effort to have Americans celebrate reason while bringing awareness to the importance of separation of religion from government. A national day that unites rather than divides the people. Although the holiday is primarily celebrated by those in the secular community, anyone who stands for reason, and wants to see positive change in America can celebrate.

There are events being held today, May 7, 2015, around the country, but anyone is free to start their own event. The purpose of this day is just to be an active part of your community while promoting positive change. Help out at a shelter, offer a public service, or engage in a reasonable discussion with others. Be the change you want to see and include your children in doing so!

Do you support this holiday? If so, please take the time to check out the National Day of Reason website, and fill out this petition to help the effort.



Killeen is an Atheist stay-at-home mother of two who spends her free time volunteering with, and coordinating youth emergency programs for the American Red Cross. Killeen is also a co-founder for Secular Parenting whose goal is to unite like-minded parents, and encourage friendly discussion on what it means to be secular.

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