Darwin Day: Review of Charlie and the Tortoise


In honor of Darwin Day we read our five year old daughter Tiny Thinkers: Charlie and the Tortoise. The book is written by M.J. Mouton and has beautiful illustrations by Jezreel S. Cuevas. The images are crisp, clean, and the colors pop. My daughter and I really enjoyed the artwork as well as following Charlie on his adventure.

In the book Charlie takes us with him as he explores an island in search for information about the different species that inhabit it. At the end of the book you are provided with a few fun facts about Charles Darwin and are asked the question, “Can you think of an adventure you’d like to have?” To this my daughter said, “I want to go back in time to watch the dinosaurs turn into birds!” It definitely sparked an interest in her to go exploring and to find out more about the world around her.


My daughter’s favorite part of this book was actually spotting Hitch along the way. Hitch is a beagle that follows the Tiny Thinkers through their adventures.

Though the story is great, my favorite section is Cara Santa Maria’s foreword. Cara discusses how she is a scientist and how she is always seeking answers to the questions she has. This was a great addition because it made my daughter think, “She is like me! I can be like her!” As a parent, my greatest wish is that my children will always seek out information and be confident in the world around them. This book helps with that. I highly recommend this book to any parent with a small child.



Killeen is an Atheist stay-at-home mother of two who spends her free time volunteering with, and coordinating youth emergency programs for the American Red Cross. Killeen is also a co-founder for Secular Parenting whose goal is to unite like-minded parents, and encourage friendly discussion on what it means to be secular.

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