Doing Good Without God

17079546379_0325b61aad_k(1)Foundation Beyond Belief’s National Week of Action–“a way to come together regardless of beliefs to benefit our communities”–was celebrated this April 30th through May 6th. This year my family worked with our local humanist group, the Central New York Humanist Association, to clean up a local park.

We spent two lovely hours enjoying the sunshine and the company of like-minded atheists, agnostics, and freethinkers while raking leaves and gathering litter. My two daughters donned gloves and had a grand time competing to see who could find the coolest bit of trash. (An old bird’s nest was the winner!)  Afterwards, my gals explored the playground and made friends with the kids from other secular families while the adults chatted over donuts and coffee.

As we were finishing up, t17270521371_febacf8f28_h(2)he local Little League coach and his team who use the park’s baseball field came by and were thrilled to see how much we’d spruced up the place. We had a great afternoon showing the community how nonbelievers can be “good without god!”

Looking for a local freethought group to volunteer with?  Check here to find a Beyond Belief Network team near you!



Corrina is a wife, mom, teacher, and humanist. She lives in Central New York with her writer husband and their two young daughters. She is the current President of the CNY Humanist Association ( and Coordinator of the CNY Coalition of Reason. She also writes for Secular Voices. In her off time, she loves to read, play Scrabble, crochet, and binge-watch shows on Netflix.

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